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Leading activities for vessels, off-shore means and yachts.

We have been working for more than 60 years with professionalism and competence with well experienced professionals and specialists in various matters.

We’re carring out the following activities:

• Technical assistance to Owner’s, Managers, Shipyards, Repair Yards, other;
• Surveys pertaining to cases of collisions, groundings, fire, explosion, submersion, heavy weather, other and for salvage operations;
• Technical assistance in arbitrations and disputes between Owners, Underwriters, Shipbuilders, Repair yards, etc;
• Nautical Expertise;
• Technical consultancies for Criminal and Civil Courts an for Arbitrators;
• Assessment of ships’ value, pre-purchase inspections;
• Examination of Classification Societies’ records;
• “On Hire” and “Off Hire” Surveys;
• Preliminary design;
• Drawings approval;
• Conversions;
• Supervision / superintending of new buildings;
• Surveys pertaining to stowing and lashing on board for transportation of general cargoes (traditional and not), multipurpose and containers.

Check of calculations:

• Hull Forms;
• Finite Elements;
• Structural scantling according to the Rules of the Classification Societies or by means of direct calculation.

We collaborate with a company that has been operating in the field of non-destructive testing since the 70’s, accredited as Service suppliers in the naval sector by the most important classification bodies.

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We carry out specialized consultations, for new yacht constructions.

We manage high-value orders such as yachts, mega-yachts and cruise ships.