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Massimo Gronda, born in Genoa 3 April 1958, baccalaureate the “Deutsche Schule Genua” (“German School”) in Genoa (Italy), graduated in 1982 from the University of Genoa as Naval Architect and Marine Engineer. He is fluent in Italian (mother language) English and German languages (mother language) and has good knowledge of French and Spanish languages.

From 1982 he worked at CETENA (The Italian Ship Research Centre) where he held various positions in the Structural Analysis and Offshore Departments.

He gained experience in structural calculations, global and local vibrations, sea trials, offshore means.

He joined Studio Tecnico Navale Ansaldo in 1989 and has been a partner since 1991.

Since then he has acquired a multi-year experience in Technical Consultancy for ships, off-shore means, yachts. Surveys for collisions, groundings, fire, explosion, submersion, heavy weather, etc. and for salvage operations. Technical assistance in arbitrations and disputes between Owners, Underwriters, Shipbuilders, Repair yards, other. Technical consultancies for Criminal and Civil Courts and for Arbitrators Assessment of ships’ value, pre-purchase inspections.

Examination of Classification Societies’ records. “On Hire” and “Off Hire” Surveys.